golf cars modified for hunting and off-road

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The Renegade Distributing "True 4WD For Golf Carts" kit is the best performing, most economical, and simplest solution to the problem of converting a golf car to off-road use. One kit is your total answer to ground clearance, torque, and traction.  Available for electric cars, 2WD or 4WD, these kits offer versatile performance because they add the big PLUS of a limited slip  rear differential, and two speed axle.  The limited slip rear differential doubles your traction using both rear wheels.  

The two speed axle offers a low range of 20 to 1 that multiplies your torque by 167%.

Get a grip with the Renegade 4x4-Plus kit!  Available exclusively at Watkinsville Golf Carts or online at


Ground Clearance:  A golf car is simply too close to the ground to function well in an off-road situation.  Golf cars were designed to drive down a smooth cart path, not over obstacles, through ditches, and up rock and timber covered hills.  "Lifting" a gold car increases its ground clearance, and allows the installation of larger tires.

Torque: A golf car rolls on 18" tires and is designed to carry two people, and golf clubs.  Hunting puts a much heavier load on the car.  First, the car has been lifted and has larger tires - usually 22" or more.  A folding rear seat kit adds almost 100 pounds, not to mention all the other gear.  There may be more than one passenger.  And ontop of all this, the car is expected to haul a deer out of the woods.  Weight and big tires rob power, and a stock golf car will struggle, especially uphill.

Traction:  ​​Most golf cars supply traction to only one of the rear wheels so that they are gentle on sensitive golf course terrain, but this is a recipe for getting stuck in a hunting environmnet.  Off-Road ATV tires help, but just like a truck - it takes posi-traction or 4WD to get the job done.